May people be think that estate planning is something for rich millionaires. But estate planning can be applied to everyone. Everyone has an estate: it comprises everything you own. Your car, home, checking and saving accounts, even non-tangible property rights, such as royalties, are part of your estate. Estate planning is just making a plan about how your estate should be distributed when you die. Because estate planning is so serious and because it cannot be changed after you die, it’s important to make sure that you understand the proper procedures. This is where an estate planning lawyer can be especially helpful. Estate planning attorneys can make sure your estate plan is comprehensive and legally enforceable.

Estate planning lawyers can also provide special assistance in planning for complicated family dynamics and financial situations, including:

  • Second or later marriages
  • Business ownership
  • Planning for minor children, or children who have special health or other needs
  • Recent divorce
  • Ownership of real estate, investments, and other complex property categories
  • Pets that may outlive you such as birds, turtles, or younger puppies and kittens

You might think that hiring an estate-planning lawyer is going to be expensive, and it’s true that planning your estate does require some up front investment. However, estate planning services at Ginis Howa LLP don’t have to break the bank. We think you’ll find it worthwhile to protect your assets and your family members. Peace of mind is priceless.